Yahoo overhauls its search engine for mobile browsers

Yahoo overhauls its search engine for mobile browsers

Yahoo has updated its mobile search engine to now place images, videos and reviews in the spotlight. Announced in a blog post by Andrew Poon, Yahoo’s vice president of product management, the change is designed to make Yahoo Search in the US more immediately and directly helpful in the context of your specific query. Poon said:

We know when you’re on the go, you’re often searching for a specific piece of information. So rather than delivering endless links for you to sift through on a small screen, we beautifully assemble the most relevant information in a way that allows you to take action right away.

The new capabilities announced today go into effect for mobile browsers like Safari and Chrome. To use it on your smartphone, open your preferred browser, type in, then put in a query.

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Poon also suggests setting Yahoo as the default search on your mobile browser by going into the settings and selecting Yahoo.

➤ Yahoo’s New Mobile Search Brings Answers and Actions Front and Center [Yahoo Tumblr]

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