Wunderlist opens its public API, teases Slack integration

Wunderlist opens its public API, teases Slack integration

The maker of Wunderlist, 6Wunderkinder, announced plans to turn the to-do list app into a platform last year. Now the first big step in that strategy has arrived – a public API.

The development will allow the app to be integrated with a whole host of others. While the first integrations have yet to launch, the company has worked with pre-release partners to hook up with apps including Slack, HipChat, OneNote and Sunrise.

In its launch post, the team teases the Slack integration in particular, promising that users will be able to comment on their to-do items in Wunderlist, and see those edits reflected in a Slack channel.

If you’re a developer, you can create credentials for your apps by heading here, then logging in with your Wunderlist account. It should work in pretty much the same way as any other OAuth-based app.

The API launch is also great news for non-developers as it’ll vastly increase Wunderlist’s usefulness.

➤ Build with Wunderlist: Introducing our Public API [Wunderlist Blog]

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