Meteor development platform hits 1.1, now available for Windows

Meteor development platform hits 1.1, now available for Windows

Meteor, the open-source JavaScript platform that aspires to change the architecture of Web apps by using a single codebase for Web and mobile, has today hit version 1.1.

The update includes support for Meteor development on Windows machines for the first time, meaning developers using WIndows 7, 8.1, Server 2008 and 2012 can now develop using the platform. A native installer includes the Meteor SDK, Node.js binaries and MongoDB.

Until today, Meteor was only available for OS X and Linux. The team is also considering integrations with Visual Studio, Azure and “other parts of the Microsoft ecosystem” in the future.

Meteor 1.1 also adds support for MongoDB 3.0, which brought significant performance and scalability improvements.

The team says that Meteor 1.1 is fully compatible with 1.0 so upgrading should be a breeze, and the core stack contains a number of improvements that should make development using the language easier.

➤ Meteor 1.1: now supporting Microsoft Windows and MongoDB 3.0 [Meteor Blog]


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