Push notifications get end-to-end encryption with Kwikdesk’s CryptoShift

Push notifications get end-to-end encryption with Kwikdesk’s CryptoShift

The last time we heard from Kwikdesk CEO Kevin Abosch, we were talking to him about his other job as an internationally-renowned artist and the fact that ISIS stole one of his photos.

This time, his startup, which focuses on secure data products, is launching a new service for developers building apps that handle sensitive data.

CryptoShift is a RESTful API that allows devs to add end-to-end encryption to their push notifications to ensure only the intended recipients can read them.

The product is particularly focused on developers creating apps that need to comply with the US’s Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations on the handling and transmission of medical information.

CryptoShift  end-to-end encryption for push notifications

The service has opened signups for its developer preview now, with a freemium model launching shortly.

The Starter plan will allow you to use the API in one app, with 1,000,000 notifications per month. The Enterprise plan will support unlimited apps and 10,000,000 push notifications for $350 per month. The company will also offer custom packages for developers who need an even higher level of support.

Abosch tells TNW:

“This has been an area of great difficulty for companies seeking HIPAA compliance for their mobile apps. CryptoShift adds an important feature while remaining compliant. Of course, end-to-end encrypted notifications are valuable to any developer of mobile apps pushing specific and confidential data.”

Kwikdesk has been building a portfolio of products that focus on data privacy, which began with an anonymous communication platform and has expanded to an API for building secure communication apps, and a consumer app OneOne, which promises to facilitate untraceable conversations.

The company’s next product will be an “easy-to-use framework” for artificial intelligence. Abosch recently wrote a fascinating post on Medium about ethics and AI.

You can sign up for early developer access to CryptoShift and check out the API documentation and code examples now.


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