Unity 5 will bring more 3D games that run right in your Web browser

Unity 5

Unity has announced the latest version of its game development system, which features a new 64-bit editor and the ability to export titles to the Web that don’t require browser plugins to run.

In Unity 5, developers will find a preview of the WebGL exporter that takes advantage of the WebGL graphics rendering API and asm.js, a JavaScript subset, to allow for one-click publishing to desktop browsers, with native-like performance.

Mozilla worked with Unity to bring content to the Web using only standards-compliant APIs and JavaScript. Their approach uses Unity’s IL2CPP runtime to convert all in-game scripts to C++. The result is then converted to Mozilla-developed asm.js which is executed in the browser like any other Web content.

The technology will allow a lot more 3D games to run in the browser than ever before.

Mozilla will showcase a handful of titles using the new WebGL export at this year’s Game Developers Conference, including Dead Trigger 2 and Angry Bots.

Unity 5 Ships and Brings One Click WebGL Export to Legions of Game Developers [Mozilla Blog]

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