RealMac launches crowdsourced funding campaign for its new blogging platform

RealMac launches crowdsourced funding campaign for its new blogging platform

RealMac Software, famous for its RapidWeaver desktop Web builder and the new Typed markdown editor, plans to launch a blogging service called The project has been posted for crowdfunding on Indiegogo and in the space of a day, it has achieved its goal.

Targeted to writers, journalists, artists and storytellers,’s developers seek to strip the complexity and clutter from current blogging platforms to make blog creation faster, more accessible and easier. will let you set up and publish your blog while accommodating multiple sites, extra pages and collaborations. It will use Markdown syntax for content, tags and scheduled publishing. You can use your own custom domain, pretty URLs, custom slugs, image hosting, Markdown editing and more.


The developers envision that you’ll be able to just sign into and view all the blogs you’re involved with. You can also invite and collaborate with an entire team and exercise full control over managers and contributors. is designed to work on any platform: Desktop, iPhone, iPad or Android device. As a responsive Web app, it is designed to be accessed from anywhere, the developer says. The service will come with a choice of themes and you will also be able to create and publish your own themes.

In return for backing the project, RealMac is offering, among other things, early beta access to the platform.

Enthusiasm for a WordPress alternative is running rampant, if the current Indigegogo stats tell the story. After only one day, the project has reached its goal of $20,000 and is running 130 percent over the requested amount. [Indiegogo]

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