Yoozon hosts CMS sites using Dropbox, no FTP required


If you’re building a website with WordPress or a similar CMS, you’ll find it relatively easy to use and update – but what about setting it up in the first place? Webmasters still have to set up their host servers, upload files via FTP and wait for DNS to update before their projects can go live.

Brazilian startup Yoozon believes they’ve solved that hassle with their new service, that lets you upload your site through Dropbox while it sets up your domain, DNS, email and databases instantly – allowing you to launch static HTML and PHP-based CMS sites in a flash.

There are several other services that let you host your site using Dropbox, but none of them currently support CMS-based sites, and only allow static HTML pages. This is where Yoozon has an edge, as it already supports WordPress and Joomla sites, and

Once you’ve signed up for Yoozon, you just need to log in to the service and create a new folder in your Dropbox account and name a database for your site in a couple of simple steps. Next, paste your local WordPress or Joomla install into that Dropbox folder and let Yoozon do the rest.

Incubated at the government-supported accelerator Startup Chile, Yoozon is currently beta testing its service. Prices start at $9/month for a single project and go up to $29/month with extras like a dedicated cloud server and unlimited databases and email accounts. The company plans to roll out support for Ruby and Python projects soon too.

If you’d like to give Yoozon a try, apply the coupon code TNWYZN to get 10% off any of its paid plans when you sign up.


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