Heap lets you track users’ interactions with your iOS apps really easily

Heap lets you track users’ interactions with your iOS apps really easily

Earlier this year we brought you news of the Heap Analytics Event Visualizer, a tool that allows anyone within a company to start tracking any kind of website interaction via an easy-to-use interface. Now Heap is opening up the same capability for iOS apps.

As Heap’s video below shows, setting up tracking for anything from screenviews to taps, gestures and beyond is a straightforward affair.

As with Heap’s Web product, the service tracks every possible event from the moment it’s activated. This means that if you set up a new event to track, you’ll immediately be able to see historical data as far back as Heap was installed. It also means that you can track new events without pushing an app update via the App Store.

Heap is aimed as much at marketing departments, sales teams and other non-technical roles as it is developers.

“To produce meaningful metrics in other mobile analytics tools (Google Analytics, Flurry, Mixpanel, etc), you need to write code, ship that code through the App Store, and wait for data. It’s a clumsy feedback loop,” says founder Matin Movassate.

The company’s approach seems to be working. Heap counts Zendesk, Airbnb and Salesforce amongst its customer base. The service is free for up to 5,000 user sessions per month, with prices ranging from $59 to $399 above that.

Heap iOS Event Visualizer

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