Lookback’s Awesome Mode allows developers to record everything from a jailbroken iOS device

Lookback’s Awesome Mode allows developers to record everything from a jailbroken iOS device

Lookback is bolstering its suite of app testing tools with a new ‘Awesome Mode‘ that allows developers to record everything on an iOS device.

Last September, we highlighted the company when it launched a free SDK that gives developers and testers an additional interface for recording their app experiences. Once completed, the footage is uploaded to the Lookback website, where programmers and designers alike can analyse the footage, review bugs and identify where the interface needs further work.

The SDK still exists, but Lookback wants to take the concept one step further; instead of simply recording what takes place inside the app, the new Awesome Mode records absolutely everything on the user’s device. The home screen, lock screen, notification center, app switching – every step of the mobile experience.


The downside? Awesome Mode only works on jailbroken devices running iOS 7. Lookback says the tool is, therefore, designed for in-house testing; although it’s possible for anyone to download the app from Cydia – the App Store equivalent for jailbroken iPhones and iPads – it’s unlikely that a large number of organic, potential testers have one just laying around on their desk.

The original SDK, meanwhile, can be integrated with any app that developers are testing, or have already published to the App Store.

Awesome Mode is increasingly relevant as developers look to link multiple apps together. Lookback says the tool was requested by Foursquare, which makes sense given the close relationship (and frequent switching) between Swarm and its new Foursquare app. SoundCloud has also been an early adopter, which is hardly surprising given the way its service links into other mobile apps.

Jonatan Littke, CEO and co-founder of Lookback, says the service will be free for the time being. When asked if the same tool would be coming to Android, he simply replied: “We have intentions.” Make of that what you will.

Image Credit: Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

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