Instapaper freshens up with a new logo, website redesign and text highlighting feature

Instapaper freshens up with a new logo, website redesign and text highlighting feature

Instapaper today revamped its save-it-for-later bookmarking service with a brand new logo, website design and text highlighting feature.

The typography used for the old Instapaper logo and app icon was hardly catastrophic – it was quite nice, in fact – but the company has seen fit to tweak it somewhat. The new logo uses a thicker font, although the diagonal strokes are thinner than before, mimicking the brush strokes of a caligraphy pen.


It feels closer to the typographic style used in a broadsheet newspaper, and developer Betaworks will be incorporating it into all of Instapaper’s apps, extensions and websites moving forward.

Speaking of the Web, the official Instapaper site has also been given a hefty makeover today. The black sidebar and clunky interface has been thrown out in favor of a stark, predominantly white interface. The sidebar is better organized than before – folders are now just a click away, instead of buried under a separate tab in the ‘Unread’ section.

2 List View

Some of these new design elements have also carried over into Instapaper’s mobile apps, but the changes are more subtle. Some of the iconography and hierarchy in the sidebar has been altered, but the general look was already present in both the iOS and Android apps.

On the Web, articles now have more space to breath and the site finally supports drag-and-drop for organizing and archiving articles, videos and folders. Betaworks has also introduced text highlighting, which, as the name suggests, allows users to select a piece of text and give it a different color. Highlights are synced across all apps and devices, and users can easily share these snippets to services such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

6 Article View with Highlight
The company is keen to push its premium subscription service, so free users will be capped at five highlights per month, while subscribers have an unlimited number. The new feature and design revamp is rolling out today, so watch out for an update hitting the mobile apps and website shortly.

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