CMD+SPACE creates an instant design portfolio for your Dribbble account

CMD+SPACE creates an instant design portfolio for your Dribbble account

Dribbble is already a fantastic place to show off your graphic design projects on the Web, but if you’re looking to build a portfolio site with a little extra flair, CMD+SPACE is a new platform that’s worth digging into.

Created by Nvite co-founders Evan Dudla and Michael Dick, CMD+SPACE offers instant design portfolios built around your Dribbble account. You just submit your username on the home page and the site does the rest. The core design for each profile is pleasing to the eye, showing your full name, picture and bio on top of a simple block color background. As soon as you scroll down, the page shows a sparse grid with all of your most popular ‘shots’ from Dribbble.


The background color and social networks listed at the bottom of your ⌘+SPACE portfolio are customisable, but otherwise the design is locked in place. Although it doesn’t offer much in the way of variety, the site’s design – and how it easy it is to set up – makes this a great option for any Dribbble fan.


When you’re happy with your portfolio site, hit publish and choose an email/password combo so you can log in and make changes to the design at a later date. As Dick’s own portfolio site shows (screenshots above), we wouldn’t be surprised to see custom URLs and hi-res photo backgrounds supported in a future update.

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CMD+SPACE (Via Beautiful Pixels)

Image Credit: THIERRY ZOCCOLAN/AFP/Getty Images

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