The most beautiful typefaces from this past month

The most beautiful typefaces from this past month

Sean Mitchell is an interactive designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and the editor of TypeRelease.

We’ve gathered another fantastic batch of type for you since last time — let’s take a look!

Nootype: Radikal


Radikal is a geometric sans-serif dedicated to the research of purity.

FontFont: FF Quixo


FF Quixo feels at home whenever a touch of personality, whim, and some symbols are required.

Alex Trochut: Trojan


A sophisticated set of glyphs which give this font a classic contemporary appearance.

Kyle Wayne Benson: Tide Sans


Tide Sans’ fresh, carefree, look makes you almost forget that you’re staring at a monitor and not on the beach.

FaceType: Adria Grotesk


Adria Grotesk is a friendly sans–serif that comes in 7 weights with charming upright italics.

Village: Ogg


Inspired by the hand lettering of 20th century book designer and calligrapher Oscar Ogg.

Fenotype: No. Seven


No. Seven is a bold brush style script family of three weights.

Fenotype: Alek


A classy and elegant yet playful upright script family.

Jamie Wilson: Norwester


Norwester is a condensed geometric sans-serif.

Hold Fast Foundry: Industry


Forged from geometric and technical styles, Industry stands sturdy and strong.

TipoType: Arya


Arya is a display typeface, based on Roman proportions with three versions, differentiated by the amount of the drawn lines.

Parachute: Das Grotesk Pro


Das Grotesk Pro is inspired by earlier 19th century grotesques, but much more related to American gothic designs such as those by M.F. Benton.

Positype: Clear Sans


Clear Sans is a rational geometric sans–serif — clean, geometric and precise.

Stephen Rapp: Baghadeer


Baghadeer is an upright connecting script brimming with personality.

Fontsmith: FS Hackney


Meticulously honed to perform in exacting conditions.

PintassilgoPrints: Marujo


Marujo is a highly decorative typeface inspired by painted pieces of Arthur Bispo do Rosário.

PintassilgoPrints: Undersong


Undersong brings 13 fancy hand-drawn stackable fonts which can be combined in many, many tasty ways.

Canada Type: Trump Gothic Pro


Trump Gothic Pro is a reconception of ideas from Georg Trump’s seminal 1955 Signum typeface.

Rene Bieder: Canaro


Sharp and elegant thinner cuts, sporty and athletic heavy weights.

Dada Studio: Sharik Sans


Sharik Sans has a warm and gentle personality.

Top image credit: amebar/Shutterstock

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