Treehouse launches jQuery courses and is giving away 5,000 accounts to students

Treehouse launches jQuery courses and is giving away 5,000 accounts to students

Treehouse, the video-focused tech education hub which recently launched WordPressAndroid and iOS courses, is growing its library yet again with today’s launch of jQuery courses.

As developers already know, jQuery is a wildly popular framework that sits atop JavaScript, serving as both an easy way for beginners to start using JavaScript (due to its approachability) and as a tool that helps pros boost productivity.

These new jQuery courses signal that Treehouse is committed to growing its offerings in the right areas, and the only barrier to these courses is the site’s membership fee, which ranges from $25 to $45 per month. Luckily for college students and recent grads, however, Treehouse is giving away 5,000 accounts ($6 million dollars worth) to students worldwide until November 9.

This, in addition to earlier student giveaways, means the company is about to make quite a large impact with its new courses. If that wasn’t enough, TNW has teamed up with Treehouse to give ten gold accounts away to our non-student readers. Enter below:

Viewing Treehouse’s current library of programming, business and design courses shows the site has a lot to offer, but skeptics have cited that the company falls short in offering higher level lessons. In response to this, Treehouse has been highly transparent, offing up a lesson roadmap. In other words, if you don’t see your desired course, see what’s in the works here.

For more on the new jQuery courses visit the link below:

Treehouse JQuery Course

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