UX fanatics: TNW and General Assembly are giving you a $1,000 design school scholarship

UX fanatics: TNW and General Assembly are giving you a $1,000 design school scholarship

You know that feeling when you open an app and it delights you in ways that you never thought that it would? That’s the effect of many parts working just as they should, all to provide the user experience. A little bit art, a little bit science and a whole lot of passion, user experience design is a difficult one to master. But TNW and education startup General Assembly want to help by sending you back to school with a $1,000 scholarship for GA’s intensive UX bootcamp that starts in November.

This is a 12-week program, based in San Francisco. There will be others around the globe as well, including New York and London, but this time around we’re headed to The City by The Bay.

As a GA student you’ll have access to regular office hours with instructors, online class materials, access to the GA community/ alumni network and TA assistance for up to 6 months after graduation. You can also tap into GA’s growing network of 50+ hiring partners in case you are looking for a career change.

Ready to make the leap? All you need to do is head to this page and fill in 2 fields. The scholarship winner will be chosen based upon their answers, but everyone who signs up will get one 90-minute class for free.

This isn’t a choice to be taken lightly. Nothing speaks more to the work behind an application or website than how it feels to use it. So if you’re ready to kickstart your career, or just looking to improve on already-acquired skills, this is your perfect opportunity and we hope you’ll join us.

General Assembly & TNW $1,000 UX Design Scholarship

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