C4: This creative coding framework was made just for iOS

C4: This creative coding framework was made just for iOS

Code as art, an ever growing movement where creatives and geeks collide (e.g.: Water Light Graffiti, the work of Raven Kwok and this Arduino installation), has captured plenty of attention lately, and although Apple has yet to really embrace experimental works with their own category in the App Store, apps like Thicket and Orphion have us giddy.

Following in the footsteps of artistic-focused coding frameworks like Processing and openFrameworks, C4 is a new kid on the block with an interesting twist: it’s entirely iOS-focused. The decision to solely target a single, closed platform may seem like a limitation at first, but this hyper-focus on iDevices could prove to be a benefit, enabling C4 to do one thing and do it right.

C4 emphasizes a media focused approach, and hopes to be the easiest way for developers to jump right into animation and multi-touch interaction for their iOS apps. In this space, there’s a wide range of work, varying from games and experimental productivity tools to completely abstract installations like in the example videos below.

Diving right in, take a look at a few projects built with C4:

As for the obvious similarities between C4, openFrameworks and Processing, creator Travis Kirton explains that he’s been influenced by the two projects, but C4’s emphasis on quick and easy multitouch interaction and unique way of handling animations sets it apart.

If you’re interest is piqued, check out the young framework via the link below. For more experimental apps and projects, head here.

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