Adobe partners with FWA to highlight new, cutting edge Web designs every week

Adobe partners with FWA to highlight new, cutting edge Web designs every week

Continuing its recent push to support open standards and emerging Web technologies, Adobe has partnered up with the well-known Favourite Website Awards (FWA) inspiration hub to showcase a new “Cutting Edge Project” every week.

This move exemplifies Adobe’s commitment to rich media post-Flash, and is also a testament to FWA, which has been around for over 12 years as an extremely popular resource for gorgeous Web design. According to FWA Network founder Rob Ford, the two companies are collaborating to surface impressive “examples of HTML5, CSS3, WebGL and other current and future technology trends.” Ford tells TNW that this award will be presented “to the project that best highlights the newest capabilities of the modern web.”

As for the first award-winning design, that distinction goes to Paranorman, created by Wieden + Kennedy and Legwork Studio.

Ford elaborates on why this design is a winner:

This beautifully crafted site is one of the best movie sites ever and a perfect example of the future of the web. It is stunning on desktop and also a delight to view and use on mobile and tablet.

Although the loading times were a bit distracting on my end (slow connection), there’s no doubt that the site showcases a very interesting narrative. It’s also particularly interesting that this style of site would have normally been built using Flash, but is now embracing HTML5 for the sake of mobile devices and longevity.

For more, check out Paranorman and bookmark the Cutting Edge Project of the Week to find out about next week’s winner.

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