Real-time updates arrive in Facebook’s App Dashboard, decreasing load times for 3rd-party apps

Real-time updates arrive in Facebook’s App Dashboard, decreasing load times for 3rd-party apps

Continuing with recent performance enhancements to its Graph API, Facebook has just announced that it is bringing in real-time updates to the developer App Dashboard.

Most importantly, today’s move now allows developers to configure subscriptions for specific objects and get callbacks when those objects are modified. This means that data that has been cached will only be updated when it needs to be updated, instead of constantly pinging Facebook’s servers, which decreases load times and increases reliability for 3rd-party apps.

Facebook’s Julek Kopczewski on the new settings:

The new real-time updates API tab includes several settings for creating and managing your subscriptions. Now you can:

  • Create and edit real-time subscriptions
  • Check your subscriptions
  • Test the validity of your subscriptions

Like TNW explained back in August, you can think of the Graph API as a one-way ticket to Facebook’s heart; it’s a simple, consistent view of the social graph that shows everything from people, photos, events and pages to the way all of these different pieces are connected. Just like last month’s field expansion improvements, today’s announcement may feel slight to the average app user, but little improvements often add up dramatically.

If you’re a developer interested in playing with the Graph API, take a peek at the Graph API Explorer and the real-time updates API. For more design and dev tips and news, check out TNW’s dedicated channel here.

Image credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

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