Image correction app Blurity now available for Mac OS X

Image correction app Blurity now available for Mac OS X

Blurity, an app that deblurs your images, is no longer just for Windows users — the developers announced today that a Mac OS X version is now available for download.

Blurity has you provide a good example of blurring in the image — run through the tutorial for more information on how to select such a spot — and then creates a blur profile that brings the image back into line. The results are not perfect but they do give you a better idea of what’s going on in an image — here’s an example:

Given more time to experiment it may be possible to get better results but this attempt matches the developer’s own screenshots closely. Still, it’s pretty cool to be able to salvage those ruined shots to some extent and great to see this kind of technology advancing.

Perhaps in the near future we won’t smirk sarcastically when we see TV law enforcement use a magical “Enhance” button that turns low-res security cam captures into Ken Burns photographs.

Blurity isn’t free — the demo will watermark your images and the full app will cost you $39. Not a bad price, but perhaps a little much for a one trick pony.

Image Credit: John Watson

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