BrightContext launches ‘Twilio for real-time data processing and visualization’

BrightContext launches ‘Twilio for real-time data processing and visualization’

The age of ‘big data‘ is driving demand for ways to make sense of all of that information being generated every day. The trouble is, it’s not exactly child’s play to make a good job of it. BrightContext is today launching a cloud-based platform that aims to make it easy for developers to compute and display real-time data feeds.

The Arlington, Virginia-based startup believes its platform will be of use to TV broadcasters, multi-player gaming companies, business analysts and mobile developers. The company sees it as a similar proposition to developer-focused telephony company Twilio, making previously complex tasks far simpler.

The platform uses a Web-based back-end to set up data processing applications that can can be linked to graphics, visualizing the results with relative ease.

Demonstrating the platform to us recently, BrightContext CEO John Funge showed off the election meter app below, which is an example of how a TV broadcaster could take viewers opinions and translate them into a real-time visualization of how opinions vary across the USA, or in depth on a state-by-state level.


The platform offers an API and SDKs that allow users to integrate data visualizations into apps for a wide range of devices and operating systems.

Pricing varies depending on usage, with an introductory offer currently available. There’s a free trial option too, if you’re a developer who wants to dip your toe into the data processing pool.


Image credit: Mcclanahoochie

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