21 Gorgeous film logos and icons for your design inspiration

21 Gorgeous film logos and icons for your design inspiration

If you want to become a better designer, the only way to do it is to learn by doing. But if you’re in search for inspiration on your next project, or if you’re simply itching to admire something with true aesthetic value, a curated collection of beautiful designs is the way to go.

With this in mind, we at TNW’s Design & Dev channel present to you a list of 21 gorgeous logos and icons. This week’s theme is film:

Heaven Films:

Cia do Filme:

Hatha Filmi:

Camera by Javier Garcia:

Colossal Pictures:


Film Icon by Brad Woodard:

Film Reel by Michael Flarup:

Film by Ashley Yousling:

Charitable Filmaking (Mark Update):

Kansas City FilmFest:

Future Works:

Film Cube:

Kaleo Films:

Colorado Springs Film Commission:



Say Cheese:


Camera Icon by Micah Lindenberger:

Videostudio by Paul Saksin:

Have any other favorites to share? Definitely leave them in the comments below. For more, take a peek at our other design inspiration posts and check out our full Design & Dev channel!

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