Here’s how you can make your infographics suck less: Make them smarter

Here’s how you can make your infographics suck less: Make them smarter

Last week I was sent a promotional graphic from Brooklyn Bowl celebrating their 3 year anniversary. The company has done quite well, having teamed up with Learned Evolution to push its social media campaigns to impressive levels of engagement. Most importantly for me, however, I noticed the infographic that came along.

As most will know, infographics have quickly become the bane of the Web, mostly due to misuse, factual inaccuracies and above all else: poor design quality. With this in mind, we’ve come to a point at TNW where we pretty much ignore every infographic we receive, but with this particular pitch, Brooklyn Bowl’s graphic was not only handsomely designed, it was also interactive.

This may not seem like much of an evolution from the standard .JPGs floating around the Web, but making your infographics clickable does solve quite a few problems: disclosures and sources can be readily available, images and videos can be blown up to more engaging sizes, and ultimately, we’re left with infographics that actually have a ton of information to share.

This infographic is simply a small step (and not a complete solution) towards a brighter future. Tie that in with the often forgotten fact that talented designers make better designs, and you’re left with two key things to keep in mind while churning out infographics for your next release.

Check it out via the link below:

➤ Brooklyn Bowl Clickable Infographic

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