Take a look at the incredible typeface collections on Typecache

Take a look at the incredible typeface collections on Typecache

We first highlighted Typecache, an independent online compendium for typography, when we featured its list of 30 Alternatives to Helvetica back in May. Since then, the site has grown significantly and now offers 6 different themed typeface collections — what it calls “Font Clusters” — in addition to plenty of other typographic resources and eye-candy that most designers are sure to love.

Now, in addition to the lists of Rounded/Blunt-Cornered Fonts, Helvetica alternatives and Din alternatives, Typecache has added the following:

Sans Serif Fonts with Lowercase Spurless ‘a’


Stencil Serif Fonts


Stencil Serif/Slab Serif Fonts

In May, Typecache co-founder Taro Yumiba told TNW what his site is all about:

There are many great type foundries around the world. It has been really difficult to keep up with the activities of every single one of them…so why not collect their information and make an online compendium?

This is how we started the project. As typographic literacy grows, the site will hopefully be a useful resource for designers, art directors and type enthusiasts

All in all, these are simply some of the most comprehensive collections you can find anywhere on the Web. That’s why, for designers of all sorts, Typecache is a resource worth bookmarking and visiting again and again.

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