This font displays gorgeous icons when you type in keywords like “twitter” and “alert”

This font displays gorgeous icons when you type in keywords like “twitter” and “alert” ...

Symbolset, created by the incredible team at Oak, is a soon-to-be-released semantic symbol font that is activated by keywords and works in all modern browsers. Using this font, typing in the word “twitter” (caps sensitive) actually yields the Twitter logo and typing in “cart” yields a cart, creating a quick and easy way to call on icons without having to hassle with embedded images.

Perhaps most importantly, Symbolset automatically degrades back to text for older browsers and provides true accessibility, making it a rather worry-free solution for Web use. According to Oak, the font was designed to perform well at all sizes and is monospaced to avoid issues with horizontal alignments.

As you’ll see on the launch site, you can preview a few of the icons in the header text, but the whole set with documentation will be revealed post-launch. For now, you’ll just have to admire the images below and know that the folks at Oak have a reputation for gorgeous work, including sites like Dropmark, Quarterly Co. and Tattly.

As we mentioned before, Symbolset will soon be released and is currently taking $15 pre-orders for its “Standard” set (with 139 Glyphs and 300 Keywords), and will also offer a free update: $1 “Social” set (with 40 Glyphs and 25 keywords). You can visit the link below to pre-order:

➤ Symbolset

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