Zooz upgrades to HTML5 and explores global payment method habits

Zooz upgrades to HTML5 and explores global payment method habits

Zooz, the in-app payment solutions provider is expanding its offering for developers to include HTML5 so that they can add payment methods more easily.

As we have reported in the past, Zooz works to make the transition from free to paid a less painful one for developers. The company has taken that one step further with the addition of HTML5 mobile and web versions of its compact SDK.

This means only three lines of code for developers to cut and paste into their app to make the most of extra functionality for phones that work with HTML5 and of course desktops.

For developers and for customers, Zooz makes payments easier by aggregating multiple payment sources such as credit cards, PayPal, and Google Wallet into one solution. Right now the company is also working on adding Amazon payments to its aggregator and no doubt many other recognisable names will soon follow.

As the payments market is still so fragmented, this will certainly bridge the gap between possible services while we all wait for standardisation.

Ronen Morecki, Zooz co-founder and CTO was at the Open Mobile Summit earlier this week, discussing the service’s approach to payment, “We’re not trying to create one system to rule but to aggregate all of the payment systems in one place for the customer. As a developer you don’t want to choose because you don’t know if a client will use a credit card or Dwollar or any other type of payment system.”

ZooZ now handles payments for virtual but physical goods as well as supporting multiple currencies and languages, enabling payments in more than 150 countries worldwide. Good research means that Zooz can work out better ways to bring include international payment trends.

“We are exploring the Indian market. Not to invent new payments for India but explore existing systems there and integrate them and enable them for mobile apps,” says Morecki. “We are also looking in Europe where there’s a diversity for payments. In Germany people often use bank transfers over credit cards so we want to work out ways to integrate that. We hope to adapt for many different places and payment methods.”

The company’s rapid expansion in the mobile payment space comes on the heels of its beta launch in late March. Since then, ZooZ’s solution has been met with strong adoption by the developer community, with more than 1,000 mobile developers registered for its in-app payment offering.

For users, ZooZ provides a branded, fast-and-easy checkout experience without forcing them to download additional applications or register first by opening an account. ZooZ’s patent-pending, bank-grade security and anti-fraud technology also keeps information secure in PCI-compliant servers.

There’s enough for developers to think about when creating an app due to the variety of handsets and operating systems. At least when they are ready to include payments, there is now a few lines of code that can make all the difference.

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