Panic announces Diet Coda for iPad and Coda 2 web editors for May 24th launch

Panic announces Diet Coda for iPad and Coda 2 web editors for May 24th launch

Panic, the maker of the popular web editing app Coda, announced that Coda 2 would be available on May 24th for the desktop. Along with that release, an app called Diet Coda will come to the iPad.

Nearly two years ago we wondered if we’d be able to use our iPad as our main workstation, but the fact that editing web documents on the fly wasn’t an easy process, it made this nearly impossible.

With Coda for the iPad, you’ll be able to use a built-in SSH terminal prompt built in, which will allow you to make quick content changes on your site.

Panic has incorporated many feature requests from its users for version 2, along with a complete UI overhaul. Some of the new features and changes are:

– Code Folding
– Smart Complete
Autocomplete custom variables and functions.
– Workflow Improvements
Automatic indentation, smarter closing tags, etc.
– Streamlined Find & Replace
With our revolutionary Placeholder token.

Better UI

– New Tabs
Small, scrolling tabs. Large or small. Images or text.
– Super Sidebar
All your tools accessible with a customizable dock.
– Plus Button
A new editor (or terminal, or book, or…) one click away.
– Code Focus
Hide the sidebar, and go full-screen, to focus.

Being able to do all of this with Diet Coda on your iPad is going to be a fantastic and PC-freeing experience for developers. It will cost you $9.99 as soon as it launches. That price could increase as time goes on.

Coda 2 and Diet Coda are set to drop on May 24th, so get ready.

Coda 2 | Diet Coda for iPad

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