Swiss Typography, as seen on the streets of Switzerland

Swiss Typography, as seen on the streets of Switzerland

Swiss designers have made a tremendous impact on the world of design and typography over the years, having pioneered the International Typographic Style in the 50’s, which emphasizes cleanliness, readability and objectivity. This style, also called the Swiss Style, features the likes of Helvetica and Akzidenz Grotesk, and has come to represent the way other design communities look at Switzerland.

Yes, polished and clean typography really does thrive in Switzerland, but so do other styles as well. As you will see in the Swiss Type blog, which showcases beautiful typography found on the streets of Switzerland, type in general is really getting some well-deserved love all across the country.

The blog has been slowly building up a collection over the past year, and will hopefully continue to grow. From the creators:

We love typography & we love Switzerland. So we take photos of interesting lettering seen in this beautiful country and share them with you.

You can see all the awesome photographs from Swiss Type via the link below. Also, if you happen to have any photos to share, the blog is accepting submissions.

➤ Swiss Type

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