Every hotel website should look like this

Every hotel website should look like this

Having paid visits to many, many hotel websites over the years to try and book a room, discovering CONVERT was like a breath of fresh air.

I’ll be totally honest with you: it’s not like I’m some renowned expert on what website building tools and content management systems for hotels have to look like and offer, and hotel marketing agency WIHP‘s CONVERT solution may not even turn out to be the best or the one offering the most features at the best price.

What I do know is that the demo hotel website and the video embedded below appeal to me as a frequent hotel guest and longtime online shopper.

WIHP, a French company, built CONVERT to make hotel websites about three things: instantly creating some sort of emotional connection between hotel and guest (big, beautiful pictures), offer ultrafast and smooth booking, and compatibility across desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablet computers.

The second thing, speedy booking, is evidently key and apparently very hard to achieve in my experience as an end user. In fact, WIHP says CONVERT is the first hotel website building tool that integrates the SynXis booking engine, which it says reduces booking time for consumers by 44 percent.

CONVERT can be purchased online and comes with a subscription plan priced 750 euros a month. Seriously, if you’re a hotel owner or manager, check it out.

Pretty please?


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