Osmosis: A designer’s solution for managing client proposals & questionnaires

Osmosis: A designer’s solution for managing client proposals & questionnaires

No matter how far technology goes, it seems we’ll always be doomed to spend our days checking email. For such an old technology, wouldn’t you think that our inboxes could be out done by more specialized approaches?

For many designers, the answer is no, and they’ve found that email is their primary device for working with clients. Osmosis, however, looks to change this, and so far the team has developed a surprisingly effortless solution for turning client proposals into a manageable, collaborative space for discussing our work.

Step by step, Osmosis lets you gather the information you need to get started, like descriptions, requirements, inspiration and files. After that, it keeps the conversation organized and lets your repeat the process easily with each and every client. This means no duplicated steps like swapping .doc and .txt files just to get started. Essentially, starting of on the right foot makes the entire design process much more enjoyable, and that’s why solutions like Osmosis exist.

From Osmosis:

You’re wasting time sifting through email chains trying to find client requirements and files. You’re probably repeating the same time-wasting steps over and over. Osmosis simplifies your process on the front end, so you can spend more time designing, and less time project managing.

Every project is unique to you, and each of your client contacts receive a unique, secure URL for them to access, comment and interact with. It’s emailed directly and only to them.

Overall, the team’s goal is to provide simple questionnaires that won’t disrupt your workflow or confuses your clients. It’s as minimalist as possible, starts at $9 and stays out-of-the-way so you can spend less time managing and more time getting things done.

Does Osmosis have a chance of weaning you off of your inbox for client back-and-forth? This service definitely has potential, but it’s up to you if it fits your workflow. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

➤  Osmosis, $9/month for individuals and $29/month for teams

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