Method & Craft’s video tutorials can help make you a Photoshop pro

Method & Craft’s video tutorials can help make you a Photoshop pro

Method & Craft is a ridiculously useful collection of video tutorials and general advice for working and aspiring designers. The site calls itself the “DVD extras of design: the stories behind the work, who made it, how they did it, and the techniques people have developed throughout their professional career.”

M&C is spot-on in its description. As designers, we all use the same tools, but we use them differently. The site hopes to educate designers on more efficient, creative, and engaging ways to work. It’s like looking over the shoulder of your favorite designer.

There are countless how-tos, tutorials and design guides all over the Web, some of them much better than others. What makes this site special is attention to the little details that make designers so efficient. The more you learn about your tools (Photoshop, Fireworks, Pixelmator, etc), the more they become an extension of your own creativity.

M&C’s video guides include niche advice like optimizing textured artwork for PNG export to simpler things like creating easier parallel lines in Photoshop. The site also includes useful articles, tips and interviews such as the ups and downs of global lighting and pen tool shortcuts.

Check out the site via the link below or learn about the team behind it here. If you have any killer resources to share, feel free to leave them in the comments!

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