Design inspiration: The art of the résumé

Design inspiration: The art of the résumé

A résumé or CV (the longer of the two) is a summary of all your work, gathered together onto a single sheet of paper, PDF or site. It’s a traditionally mind-numbing requirement for every job application, but remains incredibly useful nevertheless.

But instead of blending into the crowd and throwing together a single column list with Times New Roman, what if your résumé could covey much more?  I’m not talking about a tacky, overly Photoshopped monstrosity, but a classy, concise way to show taste, personality and attention to detail.

Designers and non-designers alike (myself included) are guilty of boring the hell out of employers, so I believe it’s time to showcase a set of highly impressive résumés for our own inspiration, all via the impressive collection at CV PARADE. Some are minimalist, while others push the envelope. All are worth a peek:

Ailton Henriques

Anthony Cruz

Monica Yael Garcia

Robert Northam

Baptiste Dumas

Justin Colt

Kelly Haller

What do you think the examples above? Do you prefer classic simplicity like Justin Colt or more daring, photographic styles like Ailton Henriques? Feel free to post your resume in the comments below! For more inspiration, check out CV PARADE.

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