Scoutzie is a community for the most gorgeous mobile designs ever made

Scoutzie is a community for the most gorgeous mobile designs ever made

Scoutzie is a brand new community that is already beginning to feature some of the best mobile design work I’ve ever seen. The site’s goal is to make it easy to find and showcase beautiful mobile designs, but instead of leaving the creators in the shadows, the designers are brought to the forefront.

Sure there’s plenty of design inspiration sites out there, and there’s also tons of designer directories, but Scoutzie has found something special that fits in between the two. It’s a niche place for mobile design inspiration, and it’s also perfect if you’re hiring or looking for work.

Founder Kirill Zubovsky told TNW that the company’s “core focus is on curating only the best, with the focus on a community feeling and each individual designer.”

Personally, I am really excited about the designers as people, after working with them. They’re friendly, supportive and fun.

The site is clean and easy to navigate, with sections that allow you to browse designers and designs (organized by iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows and responsive/Web). Once you find a designer you like (you’ll find one), you can view their profile to learn more about their work, typical budget, availability and so forth.

Zubovsky, who moved to the US about 10 years ago from Russia is currently building his startup in Seattle. He tells us he’s planning on keeping the site as a closed and curated community, growing through referrals by its members.

We want the best designers, after all. In a long run, I want Scoutzie to be the place where people go for their mobile design needs. I want to be the resource that appreciates designers and empowers our members to show just how important design is in mobile products. In a dream scenario, I see Scoutzie as the community that sets mobile design vision for the future.

Whatever it is that I am doing with Scoutzie though, I will be sure to listen to the designers and do my best to cater to their needs.

Overall, it’s an impressive site and I’m excited to see it grow. By focusing solely on mobile design, Scoutzie has managed to attract a set of very talented creators and has tons of potential for growth.

Check out the link below, and then feel free to let us know how you think Scoutzie holds up to the likes of Dribble, Forrst, etc!

➤  Scoutzie (Sign up for an invite here!)

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