COMMON partners with Threadless for a social change typography competition

COMMON partners with Threadless for a social change typography competition

COMMON, a creative community for accelerating social change, has just recently announced a “Typography Off.” The competition surrounds the phrase “Do shit that matters,” and asks designers to create their own interpretation of the phrase using typography.

Now, we don’t usually cover competitions at TNW, but we personally know that COMMON has its heart in the right place. The phrase itself shows it, but if you dig deeper and learn more about the organization, you’ll find out for yourself.

From the team:

Doing shit that matters is hardly just something that we care about. As we’ve so thoroughly discovered in our community’s first year, doing shit that matters is important to almost everyone. Those four words are the reason we like getting up in the morning. They’re the reason we make the decisions we make. They’re the reason working doesn’t really feel like work. Most of the time.

Our challenge to you is to design your own interpretation of this phrase using typography – think hand written, hand set, digital, spelled out in your new collection of Twinkie nostalgia – anything goes.

The winning type treatment will be chosen on January 31st (it’s due the day before), and will go in production as a Threadless tee. The winning designer will also be well rewarded:

  • $500
  • A $250 Threadless gift card
  • Two all-access passes to COMMON Pitch NYC parties, mentor sessions at the School of Visual Arts and event for the designer and a friend (airfare not included)
  • Attributed design produced as limited edition, sustainably produced poster to be featured at COMMON Pitch NYC during Social Media Week
  • Attributed design used as featured artwork of COMMON Pitch NYC
  • Attributed design produced as desktop and iPhone wallpaper

The saying itself is pretty much fool-proof. It’s way of living your life to the fullest, while hopefully making things better for a few people out there. If this idea resonates with you, and if you’re madly in love with typography, this is one great way to show it. Doing sit that matters, matters.

➤ It’s a Typography Off!

Learn more about COMMON here and here!

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