This may be the absolute best place for Web designers to find patterns

This may be the absolute best place for Web designers to find patterns

Subtle Patterns, created and curated by Atle Mo, is one of the most beautiful and useful pattern resource I’ve ever seen. If you haven’t seen it yet, and work as a Web designer, you’re about to get your background handed to you.

As the name implies, the patterns available on this site are subtle and highly refined. Everything is absolutely free (free as in speech and free as in beer). What you see is all yours to love and to hold and to use for any client projects you have coming up.

As you browse the site, you’ll notice that the patterns are all neutral, if not full on black and white. They vary from a polished and geometric style, to more natural textures and organic styles.

Some of my favorites upon first look include Groovepaper, Wood Pattern, Subtle Zebra 3D and Classy Fabric. If you have any patterns of your own that you feel are worthy of the already impressive selection, you’re welcome to submit your own here!

As with every design freebie site, it can be tedious to have to download each resource by hand. So if you fall head over keyboard for what you see on the first page, you have the convenient option to

Why the site was made, according to the creator:

There has always been great resources available online for designers and developers, and I’ve been using these myself since I started making websites some twelve years ago – that’s the fantastic thing about the web community. Now I’m using Subtle Patterns as my way of giving back to the next (and current) generation of web designers and developers or anyone else who needs some high quality patterns.


Check out the site and let us know if you have any favorite patterns to share. Is this the best resource out there for patterns? Try and prove me wrong ;).

For more inspiration, check out TNW’s Design and Dev channel.

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