Check out this awesome free bundle of goodies for Web designers

Check out this awesome free bundle of goodies for Web designers

Webdesigner Depot, a design blog often known for its freebies, and Mighty Deals, purveyors of exclusive deals for web professionals, have teamed up to launch ZeroBundle. The site offers time-sensitive downloads of design resources, and includes PSDs, vectors, brushes, icons, textures, UI elements and more.

The time-restricted offer brings a touch of exclusivity to the bundle, making it even harder to resist. Once you see what’s included though, it’s pretty obvious how useful a lot of the resources are. Every item in the pack looks like it would cost a pretty penny elsewhere, but for now, it’s free.

The site looks to be offering new packs on a monthly basis, and the designers behind your favorite freebies are linked up, making it easy to discover more work they’ve created. Repix Design, for example, created the Softkit white, and my god is it beautiful (pictured below).

All it takes is your email to download the pack (the catch), which will involve weekly emails from WDD that you can cancel at any time after the download.

Here’s more details from WDD:

The bundle includes hundreds of professional and exclusive resources… The files are provided by professional designers and are available for both personal and commercial uses.

Why the name ZeroBundle you may wonder…. well, it’s because it’s 100% free, with ‘zero’ cost to you.

ZeroBundle is available for a limited time only and it will then be gone, so don’t delay to get your hands quickly on this mega bundle of awesome resources!! Check out all the previews at! Enjoy!

Download the pack and let us know what you think. Where do you find your design resources? Have any freebies to share? Get to it!

➤  ZeroBundle

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