TypeA4 lets you print your own wall calendar in a few clicks

TypeA4 lets you print your own wall calendar in a few clicks

Do you remember when people thought that Internet would make paper disappear from our daily life? Obviously, the “paperless office” was nothing more than a myth, and paper use instead exploded, Clive Thompson recently noted in Wired.

As a matter of fact, printing has never been so convenient – as TypeA4 demonstrates. With this online app, you don’t need anything but your own printer to create customized signage.

The concept is very simple: “One letter, one page” – but that’s precisely its appeal. With TypeA4, you only need a couple clicks to print messages that can be read from a distance.

What makes it even better is that the results look great, thanks to the fonts it offers. While all of them are free to use, they were handpicked by designers – TypeA4 was developed by the Spanish design studio é. Here’s what the app looks like:

If you need inspiration on what to do with TypeA4, you can count on the app’s creators to give you a few ideas. A couple days ago, Estudio é posted a tutorial on how to create a wall calendar with the app. The video is in Spanish but it’s pretty self-explanatory:

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