This new font breathes life into Art Deco typography

This new font breathes life into Art Deco typography

Atipo, a multi-disciplinary studio from Spain, has just recently released an entire typeface dedicated to the charming work of A.M. Cassandre, a French poster artist and typographer. The font is completely free, and only requires a tweet to download, though you also have the option to contribute a donation in support of the creators.

If you haven’t heard of him yet, you have to know that Cassandre’s work is absolutelyunquestionably beautiful. It’s precise, fluid, heavily geometric, and certainly deserves attention. Of course, this is all my personal opinion, but I challenge our readers to rationalize how his work is anything but great design.

Aptly named “Cassannet,” the font follows Cassandre’s almost quirky style in full Art Deco glory. Here’s the promotional posters created by Atipo, in the same spirit as the French poster designer’s original work:

More details from The Font Feed:

Atipo has now released a new, expanded and refined version of this typeface under the name Cassannet. The name is a contraction of Cassandre’s name and the wine brand for which he designed iconic advertising posters – Dubonnet. To promote its introduction, and as a tribute to Cassandre, Atipo have recreated his famous 1932 triptych “Dubo, Dubon, Dubonnet” in real life.

It’s noteworthy that Atipo isn’t the only one interested in reviving Cassandre’s work. You can also take a peak at the B22 Bifur Set, and Peignot, though neither typefaces are free.

➤  Cassannet (free)

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