Build a gorgeous online presentation in CSS3 with impress.js

Build a gorgeous online presentation in CSS3 with impress.js

If you’re looking for a neat way to share a presentation online, this framework using CSS3 might be for you. It’s inspired by Prezi, the online service that lets you create a pretty presentation for any occasion.

If you’re a geek you don’t rely on services like Prezi, do you? No way, you build it yourself. The script is absolutely awesome, doing 3D transitions and spins that will make whatever you want to present look that much better. Hence the name “impress.js”.

Check out a video demo below:

All you have to do is tap the spacebar or arrow keys to cycle through all of the slides, and the source code is available on GitHub if you’d like to take make additions to the project. Most desktop browsers are supported, but there isn’t a port for mobile browsers just yet. You can view the live demo here.

If you shared a presentation with me built on impress.js, it probably wouldn’t matter what you’re trying to show me, I’d be impressed with how the think looks.


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