Uberblic launches a ‘Rosetta Stone’ that lets multiple APIs work together for developers

Uberblic launches a ‘Rosetta Stone’ that lets multiple APIs work together for developers

The explosion of APIs in recent years means that developers have all sorts of data at their disposal for use in their applications. Getting data from multiple APIs work to work together can be tricky, and that’s where Uberblic comes in.

The Berlin-based team at Uberblic Labs has created a product that links data across APIs so that developers can easily create powerful mashups.

Georgi Kobilarov, founder and CEO at Uberblic, explains, “A location-based product, for example, would aim to pull in information like checkins from Foursquare, reviews from Yelp, concerts from LastFM and social connections from Facebook, and display all that along one place’s description. To do that, one would need to identify this particular place in all the APIs – identify the place’s doppelganger, if you will. Uberblic does exactly that, mapping ‘doppelgangers’ across APIs, as a web service.”

The service is being touted as a “Rosetta Stone for APIs.” If a developer queries the Uberblic API with a Facebook Places ID, they’ll be returned matching IDs from APIs like Foursquare, Last.fm and Lonely Planet. The developer can then use those IDs to query the data provider’s API directly and pull the required data into the product. It will even recommend similar APIs developers may wish to query in their apps.

Initially, the service supports Facebook, Foursquare, Geonames, Gowalla, Last.fm, Lonely Planet, Wikipedia and Yahoo data, but it will be expanded with further APIs soon. It can be freely accessed with a limit of 1000 calls per day, although the company is willing to discuss greater allowances for anyone who needs more.

Developers interested in giving Uberlic a go can find out more at Uberblic.com.

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