GitHub for Mac is now available

GitHub for Mac is now available

The popular collaborative revision control app GitHub is now available for the Mac. Largely regarded as one of the best ways for developers working on a project to keep track of changes to a repository. The web based version of Git now hosts over 2.3 million repositories, so the addition of a native Mac app is welcome.

GitHub’s Mac version looks very slick and uses a largely custom UI without many ‘traditional’ OS X elements. The native application will help you set up and find repos already on your machine when you first launch it.

The app also allows you to view commit history, see the changes and perform some basic operations. You can also create commits from the app once you’ve made alterations. The Mac app also allows for switching, merging, creating and deleting branches.

There are other visual Git clients for Mac like Gitti, GitX and SmartGit but GitHub for Mac definitely looks the most polished. It will be interesting to see if it is widely adopted enough to affect the use of those other clients, some of which are ‘for pay’ options. If you’ve tried out the other clients, how do you think that it compares?

GitHub for Mac 1.0 is free and available for download here.

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