FYI Fly’s Embeddable Calendar Makes Events Look Incredible

FYI Fly’s Embeddable Calendar Makes Events Look Incredible

Got a website that could benefit from a calendar and event management utilities, but everything you’ve seen out there looks like rubbish?

That’ll change when you look at F.Y.I. Fly’s new and completely free Event Calendar. It’s designed so well you’ll forget that calendars are, at the end of the day, quite boring things.

The app features Facebook integration and is in fact Facebook driven, so you’ll need to authorize it using your Facebook account. It’s also got inline event management features, facilities for your community to share photos and discuss events and works great on mobile devices.

Take a look for yourself. Here’s the screen for creating a calendar event:

And here’s what an event looks like once you’ve created it:

Of course, embedding is one of the great features of this app since the alternatives are all so disgustingly ugly, but you don’t need to use or even have a website to make use of Event Calendar. You can simply create the event and share it with all those who might be interested in attending on Facebook.

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