Hype makes creating animations for HTML5 simple

Hype makes creating animations for HTML5 simple

Hype, an application for creating HTML5 animations, has been launched by Y Combinator-funded company Tumult Inc.

Hype uses a keyframe animation system, much like Flash, and allows users to record motion and transitions easily. Hype’s scene editor runs by WebKit, one of the most advanced browser engines in terms of sheer HTML5 and CSS3 support.

The app doesn’t require extensive ability as a coder. Anyone can animate using Hype and export their work to HTML5 afterwards. Co-founder Jonathan Deutsch says that the desire to create an app aimed at everyday people stems from the nuisance of Flash-based sites in a world where a huge percentage of our devices don’t support the format.

“It is always frustrating to visit a restaurant’s website on your phone and being treated to an empty page. Hype’s HTML5 output lets businesses make great looking pages and reach users no matter where they are,” said Deutsch.

According to Tumult, Hype is for designers and Flash developers who need to be able to bring the capabilities of the older format to the modern web, and iOS in particular.

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