This the new standard for a designer’s personal portfolio.

This the new standard for a designer’s personal portfolio.

Our attention was drawn to the personal site of Bret Victor at today by Gizmodo. We’re impressed.

This is a site built by the man who designed the original iPad and iPod touch interface, the interactive data graphics in Al Gore’s iPad book on climate change, engineered an analog-modeling synth, a train trip scheduler with an innovative UI and many more projects in Victor’s huge portfolio.

The site takes the newest technologies and pushes them to the edge to create a dynamic, interactive, always-moving site. That shouldn’t be a surprise. Victor is a man who thinks a lot about the newest concepts in interface design, as evidenced by his thoughts on dynamic pictures.

And some pages make the most of old technology to get a beautiful result. Take a look at his bio: it looks great, but it’s made of simple, static image files.

One thing that many will be surprised to learn: there’s no Flash involved. WorryDream joins sites like Agent 8 Ball that achieve things traditionally only possible with Flash on the back of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

It’s not without its flaws. It can be a touch slow, and the interface wouldn’t exactly make Jakob Nielsen happy, but we don’t care: this site looks amazing, and such flaws are to be expected when it comes to highly experimental concepts.

If you’re interested in interface design and just how far current technology can be stretched, you’d do well to keep up to date with everything Victor does.

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