Personyze customizes sites according to visitor interests

Personyze customizes sites according to visitor interests

Personyze is a new service that provides powerful tools for customizing web content for market segments and individual users.

Drawing from a range of sources such as a user’s browsing history and Facebook profile, Personyze determines demographics and interests and adjusts advertising and content on a website to suit that person’s interests.

Such a degree of personalization will help sites using the service to increase their traffic, convert more users to customers, and increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns run on the site.

Segments and personalization actions taken for each of these segments are defined in the Personyze backend and includes a range of personal analytics data that aren’t available in more traditional platforms, like Google Analytics.

The below image is an example of Personyze in action. It’s small, but you can click here to get a larger view. The screen on the left is The Times of India in its natural state, and on the right, Personyze has identified the user as a 35-45 year old Indian woman, a mother with interests in health and cooking.

People are bound to ask questions about the privacy implications of a service such as Personyze, but as it only uses information that the user has given the site permission to use, the benefit to users in content tailored to their interests is not to be overlooked.

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