Gorgeous New Centre for Digital Art and Music in Paris [Photos]

Gorgeous New Centre for Digital Art and Music in Paris [Photos]

The following stunning images portray the new Centre for Digital Art and Contemporary Music that opened its doors in Paris last month.  The historical building was constructed in 1862 acting as a cultural theater house known as Lyrique La Gaîté. Architect Manual Gautrand designed the modern building using a “box within a box” concept.

According to KNSTRCT, a design aficionado blog, before Gautrand, the building went through a 14 year renovation in the 80′s which layed the groundwork for it’s large renovation into the Centre for Digital and Contemporary Music. The renovated building features three prominent rooms using an advanced sound insulation system. In addition to the three rooms are the “éclaireuses,” which are the most important design elements of the restructuring. These small mobile units serve as board books, work and entertainment station, can freely move around the room on wheels and are easily wired with the ceiling.

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