Flikode is Delicious for your code snippets

Flikode is Delicious for your code snippets

Flikode is a code snippet bookmarking app that is to code what Delicious is to links.

Code snippet apps aren’t a new thing — there are awesome apps out there like Snippets that handle your collection of frequently used blocks of code.

But with Flikode, you can access your snippets from any computer with an Internet connection, any time. And like Delicious, you can browse snippets uploaded by others sorted by freshness, popularity and by tags, and follow the users whose code you find yourself reaching for regularly.

Getting started is easy — log in with Twitter (or take the extra time to create an account through the site), click Add Snippet and you’re off to the races.

Flikode is a simple, minimalist app, which is refreshing — though we expect to see many more new features as its Australian developer, Mark Biegel, works on it.

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