WeeNudge helps designers talk clients down off the edge

WeeNudge helps designers talk clients down off the edge

WeeNudge is a new website with a growing collection of resources to help web designers talk their clients down off the edge when they’re requesting bad changes.

Client wants you to cram everything ‘above the fold‘? With WeeNudge you can show them that users do know how to scroll. Client wants to decimate the whitespace giving the design a sense of composition? The site will explain why whitespace may be an evil in print from a business perspective, but is no issue online.

WeeNudge isn’t just about talking clients down. Pages such as Providing Content explain to your client that getting content to their designer from the get-go is only going to help the final result.

WeeNudge has guides that’ll equip you to talk your client out of these decisions and into better ones. Well worth a look if your day is filled with client frustrations. I look forward to seeing what the site contributes next to help us win the battle against clients uneducated in the ways of the web.

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