Type-a-file is a template for web typography

Type-a-file is a template for web typography

Designers are lucky — we’ve got more template resources available to us than ever before. We’ve got HTML5 Boilerplate to get our projects off the ground faster than ever before, frameworks like 960.gs so that we can design with a grid without wasting time on the calculations, and the list goes on.

Type-a-file is another of these foundational templates that can save a whole bunch of time: it takes care of the tedious work of giving basic styling to typographical elements.

Type-a-file has headings, paragraphs, lists, blockquotes, citations, abbreviations, asides, small, sub and super text and more taken care of. There are a range of font combinations you can choose from out of the box, some of which use Typekit fonts, but these are easily replaced with your own choices — the real beauty of Type-a-file is in the time it saves you.

Type-a-file‘s CSS sets your typography in em units rather than pixels, meaning it is as scaleable as possible across all browsers (some browsers do not zoom at the user’s command correctly when set in pixels).

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