LittleIpsum provides Latin on tap for your Mac

LittleIpsum provides Latin on tap for your Mac

Anyone who designs for the web makes use of Lorem Ipsum text many times every day, but looking up an online generator or using a browser extension can be a distraction when you’re working in an app like Photoshop.

Fortunately, LittleIpsum is a free app by Dustin Senos that makes Lorem Ipsum text available easily no matter what app you’re using. It lives in the Apple menu bar, and it’s fast and lightweight so you don’t need to worry about yet another always-on idle app chewing up resources.

It’s simple to use–click the icon, and you’ll be presented with a list of blocks that represent individual words, sentences, and paragraphs. Click to copy the specified amount of text and it’ll be ready to be pasted in any app.

LittleIpsum can do both plain text and HTML. Left-click on the menu bar icon to copy text, and right-click for HTML.

LittleIpsum is a small app with an equally small feature set, but it handles those features perfectly. This is the best Lorem Ipsum generator I’ve used to date.

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