Webcolorizer helps you test color variations for your site

Webcolorizer helps you test color variations for your site

Webcolorizer is a new web app that allows you to experiment with the colors on your website and come up with a new scheme.

You can adjust the hue, saturation, brightness, contrast and RGB levels of a site, and download the results when you’re done. Here’s one of the site’s example images, a re-skinning of Twitter:

It can be useful to see how a different color scheme might look by playing with the hue slider, though you can’t change the colors of individual elements. That means it’s useful only for previewing color schemes of the same type that simply use a different base color. It can also be useful to view a design in greyscale when you want to evaluate the interface design without being distracted by the color palette.

But when it comes to creating color schemes that are ready for a production environment, I think you’re best off going to the design tool of your choice. Color scheming is a subtle art, and at this stage, Webcolorizer doesn’t let you go beyond changing the color scheme wholesale. This app won’t be ready for use in production until it provides the tools to go beyond changing the baseline color of an existing scheme and allow you to create new schemes with extensive customization more easily than other tools do. Until then, it’s a fun tool if you want to see how certain sites might look in hot pink.

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