Solo: project management for creative freelancers

Solo: project management for creative freelancers

Solo is a project management tool designed for freelancers in creative fields. Catering to self-employed designers, developers, writers and others in related fields, the app allows you to track your clients, projects, billings and your time.

The app’s dashboard gives you a one-look overview of your business–how much you’re making, when your next deadlines are coming up and how much time you’re spending on projects. A freelancer’s attention is divided all over the place throughout the day, so this sort of overview is a useful feature.

Solo features a plethora of pretty standard project management app features, such as managing deadlines, milestones, meetings and tasks. What makes Solo different is the way it’s built around freelancers, sorting projects by client and incorporating time tracking and invoicing.

According to Solo’s website, upcoming features include an area clients can log in to and manage their invoices and project data, and view your portfolio. The developers also plan to bring a threaded messaging system to the client area so that collaboration between client and freelancer on various projects can be facilitated easily. While these features aren’t in the app yet, they’re probably going to be the most useful additions for freelancers who need to keep things straight with multiple clients.

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